EHWC: A Multi-Cultural & Non-Denominational Church

We are Eagle Heights Worship Center:


       Eagle - Character of God's Excellence

       Heights - Altitude, Soaring Into High Places

       Worship - Attitude, Keeping Our Hearts Right

       Center - Focused and Centered on Christ & the Vision


There are ministry extensions and groups for all ages to benefit your spiritual walk and growth with God:  Care Bear Nursery, Tiny Totland, SuperKids, Code Breakers Youth Group, Woman to Woman, Men Builders, Eagles Dance Squad & Drama Ministry

There are 13 basic biblical doctrinal beliefs concerning our faith walk with Christ: 1.  Salvation ONLY Through Jesus Christ  2.  The Bible Is the Written & True Word of God  3.  The Gospel of Jesus’ Life & Example  4.  Water Baptism by Submersion  5.  Baptism of the Holy Ghost  6.  Faith Pleases God  7.  God Still Does Miracles, Healings, Signs & Wonders  8.  Personal Responsibility  9.  Teaching of Christ For Our Growth  10.  The Church Mission         11.  The Tithe Is Holy Before God  12.  Praise & Worship Unto God  13.  Christian’s Authority


Our History:

After being full-tme evangelists for 7 years, the Lord downloaded a vision of a church in Springfield in October of 1997.   Eagle Heights Worship Center began its inception on April 6, 1998 under the leadership of Apostle Don & Prophetess Brenda McClintock.     


Our Mission:

To Preach the Gospel To The Lost And The Unchurched, Discipling The Converted, Bringing Every Generation Into Maturity And Quality Of Life; First Spiritually, Then Emotionally, Physically & Financially.